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Saint Skinnerman's Blues

saint skinnerman's blues

56 reads

The 3rd and most intense installment of the Fall Town Fables series. A new Iniquity is created in the heat of passion and Liyah makes a deal with the devil within her. Things get heated up in Fall Town like never before....

In a Field of Purple Dreams

in a field of purple dreams

48 reads

From the tormented minds of a few trapped souls, an entity is being formed. Eli is charged with stopping this Iniquity from being born but what will it cost him in the end? Previous Part: Once Upon a Purple Pill (FREE) -

Once Upon a Purple Pill

once upon a purple pill

745 reads

A young dreamdealer's stubborn curiosity leads him into uncharted domains where he reconciles with an unwanted past and makes a pact with an otherworldly being. Once Upon a Purple Pill is the first in a series of urban fantasy stories set in Fall Town, a steeped in weird happenings and paranormal events. NEXT ISSUE: In a Field of Purple Dreams Now Available on OkadaBooks: