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Chasing Crowns: The Pageant Diaries (REVISED EDITION)

chasing crowns: the pageant diaries (revised edition)

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What could be more glamorous than reigning as the nation's sweetheart? How many girls would turn down the rare opportunity to represent Nigeria internationally? And who would refuse connections linked to triumph? Three girls, each one from a different background, aim to compete in the prestigious Naija Girl pageant, but at what cost? Catering student Annie has her eye set on victory without the approval of her conservative parents who have made different plans for their only daughter. Former campus queen Mayen has a supportive family behind her, but with a conniving pageant boss and a possessive ex-boyfriend both in the picture, her journey is anything but smooth. Trust fund brat Sapphire hardly embodies pageant material, but relies on family wealth to help fulfil her wildest dreams, no expense spared. Will she get her way once again? Annie, Mayen, and Sapphire learn valuable lessons whilst forming strong friendships or making sworn enemies, but not everyone has a happy ending. Many are called, one girl is chosen, but does the winner truly take all? And what happens when the lights go out after the lucky one is crowned? Three girls. One opportunity. One crown. And the drama? There's plenty. Inspired by true events, Ellen Ekanem's Chasing Crowns: The Pageant Diaries sheds light on the pros and cons of pageantry....

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