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Famous Juliet

famous juliet

63 reads

Juliet Dikeh is a model that has taken the fashion world and the Internet by storm. The pressures of her fame begin to make her feel like she's getting close to the edge, so she moves to Abuja in an attempt to quiet everything down. However, on her first night there, the very things she wants to escape from quickly find her. On that same night, a chance encounter with the handsome Oliver Phil awakens the deepest parts of her....

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helicopter papa

1K reads

Adaobi was raised by a strict religious father who wanted her to be perfect and become a doctor. She's expected to follow the typical routine that her father desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, read, sleep, no phone, no inappropriate shows, no friends and no boys. Follow Adaobi on her journey of self discovery, love and pain. A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL....

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