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adaobi, helicopter papa.

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Adaobi was raised by a strict religious father who wanted her to be perfect and become a doctor. She's expected to follow the typical routine that her father desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, read, sleep, no phone, no inappropriate shows, no friends and no boys. Follow Adaobi on her journey of self discovery, love and pain. A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL....

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the prostitute

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When you are paid hundred thousand naira for a night, you get to love your job but falling for the man paying you for sex is a dangerous business. A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL. ...

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Nine years old Ugochi witnesses the murder of her parents in Lagos Nigeria. After their death, she relocates to Russia under the care of her Godfather Edward a member of the Russian mafia. Over the years, and quietly under training, she hones her skills and transforms herself into an accomplished and respected member of The Russian Mafia with one goal in mind...Revenge. Victor Robert takes over the US branch of the Russian Mafia when his father decides to step down. His reputation of ruthless enforcer precede him as he makes a name for himself. Two strong personalities are thrown together when Victor and Ugo wind up on the same path....

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