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Discover Your Calling: Know What You were Born to Do

discover your calling: know what you were born to do

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DISCOVER YOUR CALLING is an eye opener, a masterpiece that will help you to know your specific assignment on earth, you will discover that you are a great asset to humanity, you will know that you are a carrier of God’s treasures that are in high demand in your world. Through the pages of this book, you will discover the following *Facts about your calling and how to discover it. *Your calling meets a need in the world that makes the plan of God a reality. *You don’t choose your calling, you discover it. *Your calling is your destiny and it is deep within you *Your gift is a tool for the fulfilment of your calling *Your creativity, relevance, productivity and value is in your calling. *Your provisions and true prosperity is in your calling. *You are called for a purpose and not for survival *There is no limit to what you can do or achieve in your calling *After salvation, your calling is your next discovery. ...

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