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When Lemons Grow on Orange Trees

when lemons grow on orange trees

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When Lemons Grow on Orange Trees by Diekara Oloruntoba-Oju...

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The Heresiad

the heresiad

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The Heresiad by Ikeogu Oke...

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Songs of Myself

songs of myself

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Songs of Myself: Quartet is deeply rooted in the indigenous African poetic tradition. The great Udje poets first composed songs paying tribute to the god of songs, followed by songs of self-exhortation,and then songs mocking themselves before satirizing others. This collection incorporates some of these aspects of the oral poetic genre in its four-part structure. It deals with self-examination and the minstrel’s alter-ego as a way of attempting to know himself. So, there is self-mockery that justifies mocking others. The four parts of the collection are: “Pulling the Thread of the Loom,” “Songs of Myself,” “Songs of the Homeland Warrior,” and “Secret Love and Other Poems.”...

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