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Victorious Living

victorious living

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Living in victory is a possibility when we are able to master the basic principles that give meaning to life. Understanding the essence of life makes it easier for us to take charge of the affairs of our life.The cause of most frustration and failure in life is the inability of a lot of people to correctly harness their natural endowments and optimally take advantage of various leverages available to them. Most of us when we are faced with the challenges of life instead of looking inwards for their cause and cure would fruitlessly look elsewhere to no avail. Our mind is essentially the central core of our being. What we allow to dominate our mind go a long way in determining the course of our life. Like a newly born baby, our mind has to be fed with healthy food for proper nourishment and unimpaired growth. Getting to know what is healthy for us is an art and we must master this art to be able to live victoriously.The chapters and pages of this book will bring you face to face with these facts of life. At the end of this exploration your will come out better prepared to face the various challenges that life may throw at you with assurance of victory. I have no doubt that after reading this book and applying the principles in your daily life you will come out a winner.This book is purely a product of inspiration and he that inspired the texts has a message for every one that will come in contact with the book.He will use it to speak to the individual situations of the readers and there life will never remain the same. This is a promise!...

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