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Those Girls  For Allen Avenue

those girls for allen avenue18+

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Contract hijack gone wrong!! Right place at the right time but with the wrong persons, a man found himself entwined in the predicament of three escorts..What would you do? when you realize the escort on your bed isn't the girl in the pictures? when you realize the girl in the pictures was murdered? When you realize the girls on your bed are the murderers? What would you do if you find yourself at the right place, at the right time but with the wrong persons? An alloy of erotica with a tint of detective....a must read!!...

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A Day Without It

a day without it

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A Day Without It memoires the events that happened in the life of an addict daughter of a policeman during the #Endsars protests, an everyday user who became a circumstantial abstinent as this particular day was no ordinary day, Today she has to survive and she must survive without it....

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Victim Of Circumstance - Adult Only (18+)

victim of circumstance - adult only (18+)18+

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Victim Of Circumstance is a story about crime, detective and light erotica, told in the most realistic style..... A Data Analyst picked up a hooker from one of the Owerri nightclubs , on getting to his hotel room he realized he had acted under the influence, a change of heart comes with a change of fate. En route to drop her back but it turned to be the hookers last sin, a night ride into an organized crime masterminded by an ambitious woman. Everything happens for a reason, and the kidnap of the Analyst came just in handy, billed an unaffordable ransom, he resorted to use his knowledge to buy his freedom. Leading them into a new world with greater returns, money flew in but greed is the wrecker of dark success. A break of ethics, yes.... but he was just a victim of circumstance....

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