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There I was, living my routine life, being a boy as best as I knew how, seeking little, harmless, slightly mischievous adventures of life such as sliding down hills on a bare bottom when, Bam! I was uprooted and replanted in a different, horrible reality. I don’t know whose idea it was to send me and my elder brother to the boarding school that I will every now and then refer to as “The Zoo”. Was it Mom’s or Dad’s idea? Probably not Dad’s. He is not much of an “upset the status quo” kind of a person. I would not be surprised if the idea came up as Mom and Dad were having those conversations parents probably have before they drift off to sleep and, in my imagination, it went something like this....

They Die So We’re Born

they die so we’re born

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The first thing to hit him like a punch in the face even before he opens his eyes is the stench. It smacks him like a well-aimed punch in the face then chokes him as it works its way down to his lungs. Then he opens his eyes to find himself standing just inches away from the face of an elderly friendly looking woman....



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As she listens to music on her earphones, Manka works out on the treadmill, then proceeds to stretch around before getting down for pushups and sit-ups. Next she hits the sauna for 30 minutes before heading back to her room where she plans to wake her 12 years old daughter Esha in time for them to make the 09:30h flight to Dubai from where they’ll board another to Nairobi for that job which she’d hoped she’d never have to do. A job from which she’ll need a quick exit and she hopes her jet will be ready by then....

C for Cracked

c for cracked

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short romance story by Charles Chanchori, author of best selling book; confessions of a Kenyan Uber Driver...