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Echoes of Reflections

echoes of reflections

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Poetry is life; poetry is a product of conscience, perception, direction and vision. Poetry transcends a piece of writings or set of stanzas, but an artistic culture of creative minds for literary values that enhances intellectual drive which exhibits the consciousness of expression from interest and experience that illuminates the minds of others....

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Overcoming Your Fears - Adult Only (18+)

overcoming your fears - adult only (18+)18+

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Fear is an ancient enemy of mankind that thrives on ignorance. It is high time for you to step out of the darkness and limitations of ignorance into the light and liberty of the truth. This book is a carefully prepared resource to empower you against the enemy called fear. Whatsoever is your realities, you will readily find useful and relevant information within the pages of this book to help you live your best life. With this book, you are the one that can stop yourself from overcoming fear and experiencing the peace and glory that comes with living absolutely free of fear. In this book, you will:  Discover the tactics of fear and its agents.  Realize how fear has hindered you from your dreams  Understand how to resist and overcome fear.  Learn how to be bold and live a fearless life. ...

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