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Martins Diaries (Comedy)

martins diaries (comedy)

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If you are fan of family comedy dramas like The Johnsons, Jenifa's Diary, etc, then you will looove Martins Diaries! When you need a good laugh, Martins and his family will surely deliver! With so much to tell, Martins Diaries will surely make you laugh as you turn from page to page...everytime... “Martins Diaries is that book that lays bare the not-so-ordinary happenings in the lives of ordinary people. Refreshingly funny and thoroughly entertaining, this book brings the gift of joy to the faces of both young and old in its playful yet direct approach. Whatever mood you find yourself, this piece will definitely lift your spirits. The plot is interesting and the stories woven within are completely relatable. I constantly find parts of myself in many of the characters and I believe you will by the time you get into it. I also believe that at the tail end of it all, you will doff your hat in respect of “Don Martins”, this amazing writer who has beautifully stringed together such hilarious literary piece. Enjoy!” – Ericardo Ologbo (comedian & writer) Take a peek and start reading today! PS: This is a preview book. Please check my profile to buy the full book. Thanks....

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The Outing

the outing

294 reads

Jude wants to take Sandra out. But there's an unexpected development: Sandra brings her friends along. See what Jude does about his new situation. This is a short comedy, aimed to make its reader laugh. Please, don't forget to drop a review and give a rating. Thanks....

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Holy Matrimony - Adult Only (18+)

holy matrimony - adult only (18+)18+

108 reads

Victor and Victoria finally gets married and it's time to spend their first night together. But so much is running through this couple mind. They don't know how to go about consummating their marriage. See what happens next. ...

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