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Dash Diet Cookbook

dash diet cookbook

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◆ Do you want to lower your blood pressure but still eat your favorite foods? ◆ Have you thought about starting the DASH diet but are unsure of how to implement it into your daily routine? ★ Medicine is not a permanent solution for hypertension and high blood pressure and everyone gets tired of taking the same pills every day. So, what could be the lifelong remedy for this? ★ If you have such problems, then this book is exclusively for you. It will teach you how to follow the DASH diet and decrease the amount of sodium you consume. It will further provide you with suggestions and a week’s worth of meals and different types of recipes while further describing how you can start and stick to your diet. ★ This book includes: ◆ Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes ◆ Dessert recipes ◆ Recipes for appetizers Make schedules for your entire day and say goodbye to constantly taking costly medicines! ★ Today, many people are shifting to nutraceutical therapies instead of conventional treatments. In particular, those with high blood pressure and prehypertension can benefit from the DASH diet to decrease their daily intake of sodium without compromising on food quality or taste. SO, DO NOT WAIT AND GET YOUR COPY OF THIS BOOK TODAY!!!...

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