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THE NEW WEALTH FRONTIER IN AFRICA The book, ‘E-Commerce Revolution: A Global Expert's View on How Wealth Can be created from the African Frontier’ captures the seemingly endless possibilities inherent in the ongoing e-commerce revolution that has taken the world by storm. This trillion-dollar industry is a game-changer only for those who have equipped themselves with the expertise to harness the transformative capacity and the possibilities of this global phenomenon. Expansive in scope, practical and revealing, e-commerce entrepreneur, Nyce Achu Ayuk deploys his vast experience in this book to expose the skill set needed by the budding millennial entrepreneur in Africa and anywhere in the world to enjoy the fruits of the ongoing revolution. His refreshing style, compelling argument and passion for the emergence of a new crop of millennial entrepreneurs come together to create a powerful book that is destined to change lives through practical strategies for wealth creation. The book is a holy grail for the millennial entrepreneur determined to make it to the top. It is a book for the ambitious and dynamic tech-savvy millennial entrepreneur with eyes firmly focused on a momentous present and future. As you read this book, see you at the top....

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