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The Peculiar Thing #CampusChallenge

the peculiar thing #campuschallenge

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Obinna Iheanyichukwu Chuks. HND 1, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara. 5,171 words The Peculiar Thing is the story of two men who died at the same time. They are ushered into a different plane by a strange man, who explains to them that they are victims of a peculiar thing. He offers them a chance to go to the afterlife, or take a second chance at life. The only thing is that only one can take either, and they both want a second chance. ...

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The Long Road

the long road

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Rami finds himself in a strange world after being lured into a hut by an evil entity. He has to find the creator, the one who made the strange place, in order for him to go back home. But time is running out, the white moon is setting, and with it inch moved he becomes more and more a part of the strange place; a spirit. Find out what happens in Rami's bizarre journey...

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