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The Natural Man and the Man-Made Man

the natural man and the man-made man

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The Natural Man, and The Man-made man is a natural concept of truth and discovery of the true essence of life for people to become the original human as conceived by our Creator. This book may have come from a young soul physically: he is just a messenger vested with the responsibility to do so spiritually. So, the origin of a river is not the flow of the river but the source that made it to flow in due time. A knowledge of Truth and Love needed to open our natural minds, reprocess every individual to embrace our true oughtness as human and take all mankind back to the Creator’s domain. What is Human naturally? Is there one life meant for all mankind to live on earth? If so, it means that there is equally one ‘Natural Knowledge’ for human to exhibit the life that make us truly human. But why do we have so many knowledge(s) unnatural, destroying human? Who created them and by what means were these created and made to live among us? How did we (human) unknowingly become enemy of ourselves because of the osmosis of many unnatural knowledge we are practising. Why have we lost our humanity and ended up many inhumanity? Certainly, we are one very beautiful Human and our identities and wisdom prowess edifies this beautiful Natural Human that we are. This book present a true concept and thoughts which exposes how our once beautiful nature was destroyed. With this knowledge, we would be human once again. Truly, we perish together for lacking the true knowledge that created us. Human, we deserve to be restored, reclaim, repossess and inherit this natural humaneness. That time has truly come for us to discover our real oughtness in life and together we shall become the Natural Human to build a perfect world....

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