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This narrative free-verse collection accentuates, through a personalised view, the different turns and twists of a woman's life as she emerges into all that she is meant to be. Emerging is an ode to every woman, letting her know that like the butterfly, she has the transformational magic (the will and strength) within her, to emerge from the cocoon of the darkest seasons of her life and become all she is truly meant to be. It's a reminder to press through and learn to find beauty even in broken places....

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The Diary Of A Drifter

the diary of a drifter

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In this intriguing fantasy, a mischievous drifter otherwise known as a familiar is on a revenge mission into the human world and she finds the perfect host for reincarnation. The author explores traditional religion realism themes, in this short comic story....

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Brimstones and Rainbows: Memoirs of a Child Bride

brimstones and rainbows: memoirs of a child bride

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In this intriguing realistic fiction, Ruby, an orphaned child bride who suffered from obstetric fistula, a debilitating childbirth complication, became stigmatised and ostracised from her community. Having lost everything in the village of Ojiji, Ruby set out to the city of Eko on a path to healing and recovery and a chance to find what lies on the other side of the rainbow. "Ololade Akintoye shines a spotlight on child marriage, familial deception, emotional and physical abuse, as well as harmful traditional practices. Her novel is a poignant reminder of the many issues confronting women in a patriarchal society." Anietie Isong, author, Radio Sunrise....

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