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Good Morning Night

good morning night18+

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Good Moring Night is a memoir about how I bid the night a farewell by trading my sorrows for the joy of the Lord. One moment I woke up a happily loved wife and the next I was escorted home by the evening of an eventful day a sorrowful and heartbroken widow due to an undiagnosed high blood pressure condition that took my husband of 5 years away from me. The last couple of years have seen me learning to walk and talk again like one who has gone through physical therapy to find her feet and voice again in a world mostly oblivious to the realities of a widow’s pains and struggles. In this memoir I share how I found strength in the joy of the Lord singing through days of sorrow and pulling back the curtains to let in the rays of sunlight to wish the night, a good morning. I moved forward from being a helpless widow to having another go at life as a woman filled with hope, courage and expectations for a brighter future with new vista and gusto. In this time, I authored 5 books within months of each other with several titles in the works. Now I am living life to the full and declaring God’s truth of hope for a new day no matter the curve balls life throws at us. With this book, I say to all that God is good through all the seasons of our lives and nothing can ever change that fact....

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Kingdom Parenting

kingdom parenting

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The book, Kingdom Parenting is all about raising our children from pregnancy through adolescence the God-way. We have tried our hands at the good way and maybe sometimes unknowingly, we just did it bad out rightly. Kingdom Parenting is a call to arms to us parents, child care givers, children pastors, heads of children ministries, grandparents, coaches and all people who generally have some form of influence with children whether for a minute, a day, a term, a session or a year...we must plant the right seeds in the hearts of these children and steer them in the way of their divine purpose and with one goal, that they may be mighty seeds on the earth!....

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