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secrets of academic success

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The Author’s experience as a teacher is a thorough research work. He wanted to find out why some students pass and march forward throughout while others struggle, fail and end nowhere. The findings and summary of his research is the book in your hand. It is a solution to various problems faced by many of our students. It shows the way out of failure and put laughter into the mouth of those that read and mastered it. The book reveals secrets needed by young students to pass through Colleges and High Schools without tears. These secrets are also very essential for students at all levels. The book is indeed a stepping-stone to a successful academic life....

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Wisdom for Living

wisdom for living

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This book contains inspirational quotes to help you live a better life and achieve success in your choosing career. No matter your age, race or the colour of your skin you will always find something to grasp from this bundle of wisdom. A smart person always seeks for wisdom and uses it. Wisdom is information provided, and knowledge applied at the right time. Thus, it helps to accomplish tasks faster and better than the one who lacked it. The book is full of wisdom and inspirations to lift you up. It is a must read for all those who want to achieve success. So I encourage you to read through all the pages and you would be delighted for sparing your time on it. ...

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the truth about your life

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This book is to help you know the truth about your life. Nobody came into this world by accident; all of us are products of the Living God, the Creator of heaven and earth. By His Word we are created and the Word is still alive, touching lives. The book will not only tell you the truth you need to know about life, but will also challenge you to think about life in ways you perhaps hadn't before. It is good to know the reason you are here. It is good to know the truth about your existence, because it will help you to take some good decisions before it is too late. Life is too short to be wasted. Therefore, it is good to discover yourself when you still have the strength so that you will stop chasing shadows and face the reality of life in a good time. Be blessed as you read. ...

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