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Betrayal or love?

betrayal or love?

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Samuel Carter, the humble millionaire, found it hard to love again since his long time girlfriend left him for another man. He was at the point of totally giving up on love when his path crossed with Gabriella King. She ended up being the miracle Sam had been waiting for his whole life. Things became pretty heated between Sam and Gabby when certain secrets were unveiled. Samuel Carter was left with no choice but to choose between the two most important women in his life. The love of his life, Gabby and his only daughter, Isabelle. ...

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The Perfect Girl

the perfect girl

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After threatening to take away the company and his inheritance from him, Xavier Hart had no choice but to lie to his parents about "The Perfect Girl" whom he loves so much. ...

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Cold Showers

cold showers

31 reads

In order of priority, For Jayda Wright, her work comes first, she comes second, her best friend and family comes third and then her so-called boyfriend comes fourth. She didn't know she was losing her boyfriend at the expense of putting her job first. He finally broke up with her the day she got promoted as a partner in a reputable law firm. That night, Jayda made her way to a bar when she met Sebastian Miller, The multimillionaire with the worst personality but incredibly sexy. She had a one night stand with him, creating a bond that binds them forever!...

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Love Over Everything

love over everything

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Naomi knew it was wrong to spend the night with a stranger in another city. But something told her she could trust him. She ended up having a passionate one night stand with him only to discover he lied about his identity and status....

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Bound By Her Bump

bound by her bump

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Annie Davis was beyond furious when she was told she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm which belonged to a Billionaire who insists he wants to be in her life and the baby's life if she falls pregnant. ...

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