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HUNTER'S PRAYER - Adult Only (18+)

hunter's prayer - adult only (18+)18+

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Kunle is a seductive strategist with developed skills to bait and lure his prey. His words are his sharpened arsenal which he uses to achieve his will. But when the world as he knows it turns around against him, and the hunter becomes the prey with no help in sight, he is left with no choice than to say the “Hunter's Prayer"....

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OVER THE RED LINE - Adult Only (18+)

over the red line - adult only (18+)18+

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A story of two individuals swayed by passion from what they grew to believe and held sacred, battling not to fall off the edge to their perils because of the uncontrollable desires of their flesh. Will they throw caution to the wind and go over the red line or seize a chance that may exist to turn from going down the abyss, a path of no return? ...

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