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Smaller Bodies, Bigger Minds

smaller bodies, bigger minds

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What would you do if you gained a whooping 30kg within a space of five years? Or are stuck with a mind that is leading you in the direct opposite direction of where you would like to be? In Smaller Bodies, Bigger Minds, Esther Ebireri shares the principle behind losing weight and keeping it off for good, developing your desired body size, and a mind that helps you build the life you want. Based on an extensive research, she succintly presents the principles that had helped her lose more than 50% of body fat and 28kg of body weight. Also, she delves into the fundamental principles behind the workings of the mind, both from the psychological and scriptural perspectives. Using the principles in this book, she has regained her original body size and health; and building more meaningful relationships. The book comes in two parts: 1-Smaller Bodies, 2- Bigger Minds. In the first part, Esther illustrates by facts and figures, that it is the state and not the size of one's body that makes it fat. And that the problem of the overweight is not how to lose weight, but how not to gain weight. "The question overweight people should be asking is, 'why do I gain weight so quickly and so easily? instead of 'how do I lose weight?" Further in this first part of the book, she establishes the fact that contrary to popular beliefs, 'fat' and not 'weight,' is the enemy of the overweight. Finally, she deals on why diets do not work, why we do not need to count calories and exercise as the only lasting cure for fat. In the second part of the book, she brings to life, the Biblical and psychological view of the human mind. The theme of this part of the book centers on the idea of the mind being the forerunner of the life of a man. "As a man thinketh, so is he." Therefore, she went further to explore some time-tested principles that holds great potential to altar the thinking pattern of the mind. FInally, she deals on human temperament. She believes people would build and manage better relatioships if they had a basic understanding that everyone has certain natural traits that make them act the way they do; and that make one person different from the other. Though none of the concepts in this book is entirely new, Esther Ebireri takes a look at each of them from a brand new approach, combining the supernatural, the natural and the psychological....

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