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MYSTERIES ON BECOMING 30: An Encounter Of An Imperfect Man

mysteries on becoming 30: an encounter of an imperfect man

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A popular quote says, "Life is not a bed of roses". Maybe every time you've always tried to figure life out all by yourself, it has always ended up not being successful. Especially as a youth, with desires, dreams, and visions at heart, there seems to be a vacuum that needs to be filled. This is because, the purpose of man's creation is for God, and God seeks to be the centrepiece of all His endeavours. This book is filled with the personal life experiences of the writer, at many points of his life, when he seems to do it all by himself, has always found out that he struggles, but the moment he turns back to God, he records success! At the point of death, the writer was rescued, when he would have had carry-over in his final year in the University, God still came through. Another of his life experiences was after he finished his NYSC (a year of compulsory service to Nigeria) having lived the early years his life in the Barracks because his father was a Police officer, the writer decided to be a Soldier, with plans to join the Nigerian Armed Forces, thereby he started making all the processes without asking God about it. He spent a lot of money, he travelled to 3 different States in Nigeria for screenings, yet he didn't qualify. At this point, he ran back to seek the face of God, and afterwards, he got a paying job and that was how his entire life got direction, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, he bagged his Mini-MBA and MBA consecutively. His relationship with Abba also helped, saving him from falling into a lifelong depression when he had suffered hopelessness from his marriage. This is a book that teaches faith and helps Christians to trust in the faithfulness of God. It shows forth the unconditional love of God, and His ever-open arms ready to receive anyone that comes to Him anytime. The endnote of the writer is that “Life can be easy with the help of God and the Holy Spirit” as he said, “You become what you behold”. Getting a copy of this book will help you understand deep mysteries during intimacy with the Spirit of God. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!...

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