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Tishe (The story of an exclusive call girl) - Adult Only (18+)

tishe (the story of an exclusive call girl) - adult only (18+)18+

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When talented, but financially disadvantaged fashion designer, Tishé, signs up at an escort agency, she has a plan and it's a simple one. She is solely there to make enough money to see herself through her final semester of fashion school and jump-start her career in Fashion Design. She sticks to this plan until she catches the attention of one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, an exclusive client of the agency. Richard Doherty is everything any escort dreams of in a client. He is young, good-looking, sexy, and rich as sin but she soon finds out, that behind that perfect exterior, is a possessive, obsessive, and dangerously jealous monster. One who would stop at nothing to have her, and at any cost. ...

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First Night

first night

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This is the second story in the "FIRSTS" series. Dave thought he had life and relationships all figured out until he met the lady who turned his theories inside out, leaving him confused about his emotions with more questions than answers ...

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finding happiness

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Sometimes love just happens. Unexpectedly and with the person one least expects. One might try to fight it or shake it off but when it happens, it's hard to let go because when one finds true love, one finds true happiness. This is Tekena and Deifa's story in FINDING HAPPINESS....

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ride or die (#okbscom))

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How far would you go to show someone you are all in?...

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first love

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When Seye left Simi ten years ago with promises that they would be together, he hadn't kept them. she had moved on but had never forgotten what they had shared. Now he has returned, and claims he wants her back but is he for real or will he rip her heart into shreds a second time? ...

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