Roland Abah is a Nigerian with advanced degrees in environmental management. He is a certified project manager and has also authored contemporary... more

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Sweet Palm Wine

sweet palm wine

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West Africans will continue to tell tales of slave trade for many generations to come. As West Africans waded through life in the era of slave trade, evading abductors was priority for Africans that lived in endemic areas. This challenge did not spare them from other challenges life threw at them as West Africans plied for livelihood in unforgiving conditions. Issues such as poverty, absence of roads, absence of schools, lack of power, lack of hospitals and poor farming tools further exacerbated the journey of life for many West Africans. This fascinating story ‘Sweet Palm Wine’ encapsulates these challenges in the journey of life of a typical family from Orokam Nigeria....

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Kristine's Lodge

kristine's lodge

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In the fast-paced world of Fashion, many Models get carried away with the exquisite and luxurious lifestyles that come naturally. It may be difficult to exercise control over a lifestyle which has the human body an integral commodity. It is burdensome to tend to the human body in order to maintain constant physiological features overtime. The discipline and amount of attention required leaves very little time for so many other equally important aspects of life. Kristine’s Lodge is a captivating story about five female friends and their adventures together in a closely knitted world of Fashion and Investment. They eventually received an education on career advancement which led to self-discovery....

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This is a fascinating story of love with a wonderful ending. It is carefully crafted to attract the minds of young people desirous of acquiring an education about life’s challenges and acting on it. This is why ‘Desires’ is a must read. It defrays the apprehension attached to dealing with other people and demystifies the fear of embracing the challenges of life. Above all, it is an education about making the right decisions about one of the deepest desires of young minds, which is the yearning for love. There is no doubt that the yearning for love shapes the life of many young people. It is the desire of the author that all young minds that read this book make the right decisions concerning relationships, love, and sex. Securing your future by making the right decisions is paramount. What kind of future do you think Ken would have? What kind of future do you wish to have?...

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Teen Gist

teen gist

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Being a teenager can be difficult but it can also be very exciting since there are more opportunities, choices, and free time. You don't always have someone telling you what to do. You can make your own decisions. You can choose to do things that feel right to you, like where to go, who to spend time with, what to do after secondary school, or even if and when you want to start having sex. All of this may be overwhelming because there are many choices to make and a lot of pressure to do the things that you may not feel ready to do. This is why Teen Gist will help you to make good decisions, and give you ideas about who to talk to for more information. ...

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