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FLASH: A Collection of Short Stories

flash: a collection of short stories

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FLASH: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES is just what it says. Flash fiction is now the future of story telling and in this book, two good writers from two different continents have come together and compiled some of their best and exciting short stories to teach, motivate and to entertain the budding young readers of this generation....

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the king's messengers(a tail of a rat)

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It is a fact that thousands of years ago, Egyptians worshiped cats. So how did rodents feel about this event? Well, they were enraged of-course and it wasn't long before Rattila the one-eyed evil rat led an army of rats against the Egyptians. But when Anon, the great white wizard mouse cast a spell that froze Rattila and his army for a thousand years, he never realized that spell would ever be reversed. Well thanks to Kazir, Ramir and Zazir, the three thieves who found the lost rat army and unknowingly set Rattila free thousands of years later, which leads to another call for war between humans and rodents in the twenty first century. The problem now is, since Anon is long dead, will Keni, his little naive descendant be able to stop the wrath of Rattila?...

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