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Tutoring the Queen - Adult Only (18+)

tutoring the queen - adult only (18+)18+

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In a kingdom where repression is celebrated, a sexually inexperienced queen meets a handsome slave skilled in the art of delivering sensual pleasures… Queen Atania is a woman torn in two directions. On one hand, she strives to follow the example of her late mother, the bottled-up former queen, by enforcing Divine Law in the kingdom over which she rules. Divine Law demands that anyone worshiping any other god but the state-sanctioned one must be punished. On the other hand, there’s a part of her that’s more like her progressive father. In secret, she enjoys reading erotic poems and banned material that would surely land her on the wrong side of Divine Law. Having grown up under a law that promotes sexual repression, her sexual experience is limited. Although, there’s that part of her that hungers for more. When she receives the gift of a slave taken from a neighboring kingdom named Roka, the absolutely most delicious-looking man she’s ever seen, she realizes that it’s her chance to explore the depths of that deep inner hunger. Unimpressed by her royal status, Roka sets about teaching her the joys of sexual liberation. Atania is swept away in an avalanche of desire by his kisses, touch and taste. But then, he challenges her to take a stand: to choose him. What to do? But before she can make a decision, something calamitous happens. Having learnt that she has broken Divine Law, a faction of nobles seeks to depose her. Queen Atania is facing a desperate situation; one she’s never encountered before… One that could lead to the loss of her throne, her liberty and her man…...

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Make Me Over - Adult Only (18+)

make me over - adult only (18+)18+

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She shouldn't take him up on his offer. After all, he's an escort and it's his job to have sex with her. But, oh my, she needs this... Shy and quiet hotel manager, Uzo Ikeji is finally out of an abusive, almost sexless marriage and, for now, she's not interested in love and sex is just a distant, long-forgotten memory. But then her aunt gifts her with two special evenings with top male escort, bold sex god Pedro Abbas. Against her better judgment, she accepts the gift, determined to spend the time only in conversation. But Pedro has a different plan. He sees her need to feel desirable and he’s going to meet that need. There’s a fiery passion underneath her insecure exterior and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to uncover it. Make Me Over, is an erotic romance novel featuring a character from the popular Unhinged Romance Series. This is the Sampler Edition of the novel. The full edition is due in 2019....

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Give into Sin - Adult Only (18+) Sampler

give into sin - adult only (18+) sampler18+

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He's struggling desperately to be celibate. She doesn't plan to take no for an answer... Sassy and uninhibited TV host, Sade Braithwaite has an assignment: find a way to get Soma King, the hottest model in the country on her show. Not an easy task because he doesn't do interviews. This is one assignment she isn't looking forward to. The guy had dropped out of the seminary to become a model and his nickname is Saint Soma—of all things—because he is rumored to be celibate. WTF? He sounds boring. But just one glance at the sexy, over six feet tall giant is all it takes for Sade to fall head over heels in lust. She’s used to getting what she wants and now she’ll do everything in her power to make him give in. Noble, reserved Soma really wants to do the right thing and resist this annoyingly enticing woman, but in the back of his mind, he knows... He’s no match for her. Give in to Sin, is an erotic romance novel featuring characters from the popular Unhinged Romance Series. This is a Sampler Edition. Pre order this book today before the end of this month at the low price of 200 naira only before the price goes up on release day in October 2021. Pre order your copy today to get free swag before release day. Check out my Facebook Page: Erotic Romance Novels by Sable Rose @sableroseromance for details....

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In Lust Stories  - Adult Only (18+)

in lust stories - adult only (18+)18+

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Ambitious risk-taker, Nigerian businesswoman Ruke is only interested in dating billionaires. But when she sets her eyes on gravelly-voiced and hunky Argentinean bodyguard, Santiago, all her plans go up in smoke! When demure flight attendant, Oluchi meets scandalous, gorgeous soccer star, Dumi, she knows she should run from him. As fast as her legs can carry her. Only she can't. The In Lust Stories are a collection of two erotic short stories of love and romance: In Lust with the Bodyguard In Lust with the Soccer Star The In Lust Stories include two characters from two of the four books in the popular Unhinged Romance Series: Unhinged by his White Heat and Unhinged by his Dark Fire. These stories are meant for mature audiences. They contain explicit sex scenes and graphic language. ...

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Her Sensuous Rebirth_A Paranormal Romance (Pleasing Xavier Vol. 3

her sensuous rebirth_a paranormal romance (pleasing xavier vol. 318+

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Lovers of erotic romance and fantasy, grab the fire extinguisher because this book will set you ablaze... Tamara Abbey is a woman confused. Torn between a normal relationship with a colleague, Adam, and a fiery, otherworldly affair with her dominating hotter than hot boss, Xavier Osagie. She’s in love with Xavier but he isn’t offering commitment. Adam is, though. When Xavier orchestrates a threesome involving Adam, although reluctant, Tamara agrees. That threesome changes everything for Tamara. Meek Tamara is now dead and buried. Long live the New and Improved Version! In between finding herself and enjoying her new-found liberation, she joins forces with Xavier to battle a lethal group of angels named the Pure Ones who plan to release a deadly virus. A virus that could kill millions of people. Sometimes it seems she can’t catch a break. There’s always one group or the other hunting Xavier. If it’s not the Soldiers for Unity, it’s the Pure Ones. Well, this is the normal for the new Tamara. She’s kicking ass, taking prisoners, having life-changing sex and, hopefully, maybe, finally getting her happy ending. Her Sensuous Rebirth is an erotic paranormal romance urban fantasy meant for mature audiences. It contains explicit sex scenes and graphic language....

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