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Perfection, a Virus

perfection, a virus

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From the author of "I will write my law on their hearts" comes another life changing book, "Perfection, a virus". This book contains the key to discovery of Destiny, the ability to make you view yourself and the world from the eyes of your creator. It will spur you to your path and your part to play in life, since we all are made for a reason. It will be a helpful tool most especially to the youth. ...

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The Diamond In The Verdict

the diamond in the verdict

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This captivating story of love with its twists and turns, centers on Emeka, a graduate who went to the Cinema with his friend, Jasmine and unexpectedly got involved in a circumstance which led to the death of a prominent figure in the city of Lagos, this led him to a path of self-discovery. He knows that he is innocent of the charge against him but can the Court discover the truth....

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