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Lebe: The Final Act

lebe: the final act

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Things finally come to a head between Kenny and Lanre when Lanre once again interrupts a meeting between Alhaji Saint Kenny and the late Buchi’s suppliers, the mysterious Costas. The Accountant steps in and informs the Alhaji that someone within his organization is working with Lanre. A trap is set – a trap with fatal consequences. What happens to Lanre? Does he spring the trap and survive – or does he die before he can stop Kenny? Find out here!...

Lebe: Second Strike

lebe: second strike

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Lanre struggles with his new found hero role. Due to his interference with Kenny's business, complications arise and Kenny has a confrontation with his business partner - a confrontation that ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Kelvin disagrees with Lanre's methods, further complicating their relationship....

Lebe: First Cut

lebe: first cut

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Set free after nine years in Kirikiri, Nigeria for assaulting a police officer, the only thing an amateur boxer wants is to find his wife and child. But the son of the Colonel who set him free has other plans for him, plans that bring him in direct conflict with shady figures from his past. Together, they set out to right some wrongs, clean some Lagos streets – and learn, along the way, what being a hero truly means....



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A bomb goes off at a fictional bus stop in midday Lagos at twelve-fifteen. Twelve people die and several others are injured. Several eyewitness reports agree on the same thing, but are they correct? The story follows each of the twelve characters through their thoughts - in their final living moments, telling their side of the story. Through their eyes the drama unfolds and what really happened that fateful afternoon is eventually revealed....