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the mad mammoth

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For twenty-one years Tolani Adeleke took a lot of crap from her husband Tunji. Then one day, he went too far and she decided it was time to get her revenge not just against him but against the crazy society that made him so. This satirical story about how one woman makes a stance against gender discrimination is humorous and a page turner....

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lydia's descent

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LYDIA'S DESCENT Lydia Raymond, a kind and beautiful young woman fell in love with Greg Grant, a businessman and father of two while Greg was separated from his unfaithful wife Sophia who had abandoned her home and kids and filed for a divorce. His family and friends loved Lydia, his children adored her and so life was perfect................or so it seemed! Until one day, out of the blues, Sophia returns; desperate, merciless, ready to go to any extent to take back all she had left behind. What would Lydia do? Truly there is a thin line between good and evil, but who really is Lydia Raymond: an innocent young woman or a cold-blooded murderer? All is not what it seems to be in this highly complex story. It's a tale of crime, passion, love, desperation, commitment, trust and betrayal. Read about a high profile murder case, the detailed investigation, the media scrutiny, the main plot, a bigger plot and the outstanding climax. Each chapter suspenseful, shocking and intriguing, you will not be able to put it down till the last page....

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