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Basis for Love and other True Dream Novels

basis for love and other true dream novels

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"Basis for love and other true dream novels" is five of my favourite true dream novels in one book. The true dream novels are clean, sweet romance stories about the protagonist’s journey to find love. I enjoyed writing them because they are fast-paced and 90-minute-read stories good for wait times anywhere from the airport to the doctor’s office. "Love Come By" debuts in this collection. Enjoy! ...

The truth, the lie, and the dare

the truth, the lie, and the dare

44 reads

The truth, he is a butcher. The lie, she is a student. Can they dare a relationship? What happens when a butcher, a brutal killer, meets a career woman on top of her game? What if she is not who she has made him believe she is? Chico has always been a butcher, the son of a butcher and the grandson of a butcher, and the violent nature of his job had finally taken its toll. He is remote, angry, and searching for something. Something he finds in Christine, a lady who’s got seemingly everything existing only in Chico’s dream world. Christine Bello presents as the perfect career woman from a rich and influential family but her relationship choices all seem to be wrong. Even Chico Ode turns out to be from a different class her family would not accept. Torn between her job, family, church, and the truth, Christine dares to fall in love but she’s not the only one with a lie, and shadows in her life. As the reality of their choices unfold Chico is forced to answer many questions of his own, or forfeit the opportunity to have his dreams come true....

Promise Tomorrow (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise tomorrow (eiba family saga book 2)

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Modele Eiba, millionaire daughter of Kola Eiba, and sister to Kade Eiba, is jilted by her lover of eight years. Devastated, she withdraws into her home. Hoping to help her bounce back into social circles, her rich parents employ hunk, Buki George, as her bodyguard. Unable to control an attraction, Modele falls in love with Buki. However, there are problems with this kind of relationship because both come from different ends of the economic ladder. A lady called Titi, one of the hangers-on in Modele’s life, and desperately posing as a friend of the rich girl, decides to make an issue of such an unbalanced relationship. And makes a stunning discovery! Buki George is not who he portrays himself to be. Twice broken-hearted, can Modele ever meet a man to fulfill his promise for tomorrow? Also in the Eiba family saga are To Where the Wind Blew (Book 1) and Till Day Breaks (Book 3). ...

Till Day Breaks (Eiba Family Saga Book 3)

till day breaks (eiba family saga book 3)

139 reads

Kade Eiba is the successful MD of Decoy Holdings. To crown his business success was his engagement to Joyce King, a model who had won the most coveted world beauty title, Miss World. The duo had everything going for them. Then one day, a lady called Joy walked into the plush grounds of Decoy Holdings and nothing remained the same for anyone. In a tale of fantasy and faith, retribution and reality, Kade’s once organized life is thrown into confusion; his toughest principles put to the hardest tests and his deepest convictions forced to answer the oddest of questions....

BATTERED (A True Dream novel)

battered (a true dream novel)

30 reads

A TRUE DREAM novel is a short fiction story told from the character point-of-view on the romantic journey to getting married. It is true romance that should leave you warm and dreamy. When the police found Sybil in Jimmy Bowale’s living room, she was naked, and battered beyond recognition. She was also implicated in a big criminal case. His parents wanted to go for the jugular, and would have, but his instantaneous attraction to her put him between her and them. Even after her name was cleared, they refused to be convinced. Could he fight for her and win? Though he realized too late his greatest battle was not with the people around him, but indeed, Sybil herself....