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Breaking Soul-Ties

breaking soul-ties

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The Soul-Ties outreach started as an online outreach on Twitter in October 2013 to a few hundreds of followers. In less than three years, the combined Twitter follower list has grown to over 20,000. The outreach has also spread to other networks such as BBM, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. This book,"Breaking Soul-Ties" is an encapsulation of various teachings done about what Soul-Ties are and how to break them, on social media. This book is being shot as an arrow from the quiver of the almighty God into the earth as a tool to help men and women understand what Soul-Ties are and how to break them. The same Spirit of God who has helped hundreds of people on social media through the online broadcasts is also upon the pages of this book to set people free from bad Soul-Ties and empower them to walk in the plan of God for their lives. This book has 7 chapters explaining what the human soul and Soul-Ties are, Good and Bad Soul-Ties, link between Soul-Ties and Friendships, Emotional Soul-Ties, Sexual Soul-Ties and how to break Soul-Ties and a few testimonies. As you read this book, my prayer is that the Spirit of God will minister life and power into your hearts that will destroy every yoke and remove every burden in the Name of Jesus. Olusola Adio BBM Pin: SOULTIES...

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