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A Christmas to Remember

a christmas to remember

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Gloria and Alex had been divorced for some years and a lot of water had passed under the bridge. That was why she was surprised when he told her that they would need to talk. “About what?!” “About us.” “There is no us again.” Divorce had put an end to that. Or could a divorced couple reconcile? If yes, what was God’s will? And what factors should be considered? ********** In this very interesting romance novel, A Christmas to Remember, you will realise why God hates divorce, and that He is fully committed to His children and His purpose....

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If you could see me now

if you could see me now

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Lekan knew the Bible verses that state that God's thoughts are far greater than human minds can comprehend and that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. She had quoted them several times in prayer, but she did not know how true they are until the man she was introduced to at a Christian event completely ignored her, and she found herself having to make small talks with the unsolicited man seated beside her- Victor. Who cares about Victor?! As far as she was concerned, her going to the event was a sheer waste of time. When Victor accepted the invitation to his friend's event, he did not expect to meet a lady who would catch his attention, but God obviously had a plan in store for him. ********** In this very interesting romance novel- If you could see me now, you will realise two things among several: God’s ways will not always make sense to you; you should trust Him because He is a good God and everything He does is good....

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God's Words to Women in Ministry

god's words to women in ministry

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This book- God's Words to Women in Ministry- offers words of encouragement and Scriptures on twenty issues relevant to ministry, to guide the women in ministry. Wisdom gained from God's presence and years of ministry have been shared in this book to encourage these women so they can grow in God's grace, fulfill ministry without ever quitting, and please God....

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This Time Around

this time around

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The last person that Misan expected to see on the cruise was Antonio, a talk show host, and it seemed that he had not changed a bit. Well, she had changed, and she was going to prove to him that he had not succeeded in breaking her. Antonio was trying to make Misan know that things were now different with him and in the process, he discovered her secret. Misan was upset, but what left her speechless and confused was his sudden marriage proposal. Should she accept it? Would he be able to keep his marriage vows? What was God’s will about interracial marriage? And how could she be sure that the marriage would work when some of such marriages had failed? ********** This time around, discover the power, mercy, and strong arms of God’s grace; and how to handle interracial or intertribal marriage, in this exciting, emotional, and suspense-filled romance novel....

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Love Fever

love fever

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Ladi never realised the enormity of hurt he unleashed on his wife, Tosin, until he stumbled on an evidence about an HIV-positive Joe- a manager in her office and her new found friend. Could they overcome the trauma that put to test the paternity of the baby in her womb? *************** Experience the love and forgiveness of God and how to handle the past in this heart-warming and suspense-filled romance novel, LOVE FEVER....

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