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the gapfiller

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The GAPFILLER takes you on a journey of grit and grace in the memoirs of Professor M.O. Oyeyemi. Starting from a seemingly disadvantaged background, Oyeyemi who was once dubbed an average student pioneers a yet to be told story of diligence, pain, resilience, sacrifice and the leverage of the Grace of God to command excellence and distinction as an academic-becoming a Professor of Theriogenology in record time. His story would leave you dumbfounded, grateful and hopeful as you fellowship with his history and eventual glory. You will be fired up fresh passion to live life to the ultimate, as a GAPFILLER. “His life is a testimony that there is nothing impossible for God” Pastor Adepitan Adeboye Senior Pastor at RCCG, Pastor E.A. Adeboye’s Interpreter “A look at Gbenga’s daily agenda was a journey into the improbable, but he has always had such a propelling force behind his vision, such that he succeeded where a lot of people failed.” Dr. Noma Owens-Ibie United Nation’s Children’s Fund, Abuja, Nigeria...

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ALLOTROPES offers contemporary insight for navigating the the conflict of purpose experienced by many, in this understanding of carbon chemistry. The author reveals through storytelling and brilliant metaphors that we must all find fulfillment in the journey rather than waiting till we reach our destination. It’s no longer purpose as usual but purpose unusual. This book will stir you to stop searching for your purpose and start living in your ALLOTROPES....

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