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Zarfi and...

zarfi and...

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This is a compilation of two short stories; a tragedy and comedy bound in one book. Zarfi tells the story of a child bride who flees Nothern Nigeria, she sells her child. The child finds herself tangled in a web of deception and her love story turns suicidal. Susan is a privileged girl whose parents send to Nigeria, she is obsessed with Sam who is in love with Zarfi. “She want’s my Jollof” is a humorous tale of unemployment, travel, and love. Who knows what a plate of Jollof can do for you? Bukola takes a trip with a beautiful lady, party Jollof takes charge....

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Grey Wine - Adult Only (18+)

grey wine - adult only (18+)18+

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This story about a Clergy's child is set in Ibadan. The struggle to fit into the perfect life of a clergy's son never ends well. Ipade discovers meets a prostitute who also has her own desires. This is a story of deceit, pain, love and faith. What's it like to be a Pastor's child? ...

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CFW Freedom Magazine

cfw freedom magazine

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This Collection of art is what makes the difference between those who wait for the future and those who create it, we have bound our creativity together in one. These writers from all over Nigeria have shown that it is possible to express our greatest values in beautiful words and without borders. ...

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