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The Ship of Dreams

the ship of dreams

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This is a true-life narration of some of the events that took place on board the MSC Grandiosa, a cruise ship, from 30th January to 6th February 2020....

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Tales of Our Time Volume One

tales of our time volume one

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Tales of Our Time Volume One is a collection of short stories based on relatable experiences. The stories teach different lessons about love, life, and relationships. The overall message of hope in Christ is not lost in the rhythm of the narratives. This is the first of many volumes of these timeless narratives. This volume contains tales that resonate with life’s trials, love, agony of wrong choices and the beauty of divinity. It ends with the beautiful love story, ‘Under the light Bulb,’ which showcases the enduring spirit of true love....

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Spring of Life Book One

spring of life book one

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SPRING OF LIFE Book One contains an assortment of creative essays that address several aspects of human existence. The essays are fitted into different compartments and are laced with scenarios that readers can so readily identify with. The simplicity of the language, the beauty of the prose, the hilarious situations, down-to-earth, thought-provoking, instructive, and witty way the facts are presented set this pioneer volume apart as a collector’s item.....

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