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THE NIGERIAN DREAM: The Ice Prince Story

the nigerian dream: the ice prince story

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This book follows Ice Prince from his time as a fledgling in Northern Nigeria to his breakout years in lagos and his exploits around the globe. It references his lessons, retells his experiences and recalls the subtle leaps that makes him a celebrated Nigerian story....

Roles in a Script

roles in a script

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Temi is not comfortable in her new University environment. There’s too much freedom and too many distractions. Hailing from a humble background and raised in a highly religious home, she despises what she will have to cope with for the next four years. This however, is what Sylvester has been waiting for. Charismatic, smart and good looking, he sees his new life as the prime of his growth. Possessing the confidence and arrogance to go after anything he wants, he can see nothing stopping him from having the best years of his life. Their paths cross as they encounter deep rooted problems that necessitate togetherness in order for things not to spin out of control. Going through different individual struggles, they become acquainted with concepts like dignity, friendship, self-esteem, trust and love. Their struggles are necessary for development, but they are completely unarmed for the consequences that stand in their way. ...

As Told By The Nightfire

as told by the nightfire

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the difference between real life and fiction is that fiction has to make sense... unless it doesn't. Sometimes, stories don't have morals or lessons or deep teachings; they're just like life and don't make any sense. As told by the Nightfire is a collection of poetry-styled stories that should kick you in the culture-gut. And as it was when we sat to listen to our grand parents, there is enough to make your nights filled with questions. Enjoy....