All there is to me is all there is to strive 

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labyrinth of muse

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Get lost in the thrill-drill inspired poems that take us back to our imaginative world of experiences. Explore life through words!...

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fetters of freedom

44 reads

Luci, Chidi, and Irene tell their worrisome stories from totally different experiences, while stuck up in the pandemic. How long is Luci going to play the robot wife? Is Chidi going to let this golden opportunity slip out his fingers? When is Irene going to wake from her fantasy? Are situations ever going to change? Make sure to see through the mirror image of some of our collective experiences, especially during this pandemic....

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MIDNIGHT CURFEW - Adult Only (18+)

midnight curfew - adult only (18+)18+

159 reads

Midnight Curfew is an intriguing mind-blowing bildungsroman story of a girl who swaps from living like a dude to becoming a Queen Bee. However before that, Bibian’s life is locked up in a routine of unwelcoming experiences when she clearly wants-out. Grown into a matured lady she considers her life suitably perfect as a fresh world of experiences open up for her- added to her new found forever, a love that has come to stay. But will these welcome new struggles? Will she be ripped off her circle of loyalties? How will she face a fate that has been long prepared for her?...

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