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The Trials of a Bro

the trials of a bro

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Every drama begins with an undertone a discerning mind might detect… But on that fine day, what The Bro sort was a quiet little home to rent. Not drama. He had no way of knowing he’d run into a woman that reminded him of Nsala, his favorite soup. With colourful butterflies perched in his belly, dreams of a romantic bliss charged his cerebellum and guided his steps toward her. But how was he to know she was The Landlord’s Wife? And with her feelings burning wildly for him, trouble, like his shadow, was always lurking close-by. In a utopian world, the solution to the love-drama triangle between the Inah, the landlord and his wife, was Nsikak, The New Neighbor. But because the world, in all its glee, will offer you no breather, The New Neighbor was just the right recipe for new chaos. More a Delilah than a Patience Ozokwor, the new neighbor was one more protracted trouble The Bro had to deal with. This book is light-hearted, yet socially conscious. It is bizarre, yet relatable. It could even make you laugh. Yes, it aims to do that. This book is not serious... so you won't find it in the hospital. ...

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Candlelight & Christmas

candlelight & christmas

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A collection of short Christmas stories with candlelight theme. An annual submission. This here is for 2018. ...

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Clothes And Christmas

clothes and christmas

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A collection of stories centered on Christmas celebrations and the beautiful clothes we wear to rock the festivities. A lot of them are hilarious, and the others just hit you with a reality check....

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Women We Know

women we know

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The book, WOMEN WE KNOW tells the tales of six women, with each trying to boss the daily, but unique challenges life throws at her. The themes range from love and relationships to issues of abuses and sexual assaults, domestic violence, prostitution, sacrifices and bread winning women. There are scenarios of guilt, of struggle, of survival, of redemption, of girl power, and of enterprising careers. The themes of the stories are carefully chosen to highlight issues the society fails to address, and to encourage women who find themselves in any of the situations. The stories are strictly works of fiction, despite their real pivotal and societal outlook. ...

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Chicken And Christmas

chicken and christmas

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Last Christmas, a group of young storytellers decided to entertain their social media friends and followers with chicken and Christmas themed stories. The fever the stories garnered was so much a book was birthed. Here it is. We present you twenty stories by twenty storytellers. You will laugh, if even you normally don't. Well, that is what we wanted to achieve. And for nothing, we hope the stories take up a good space in your memory block....

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