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Dangerous Love

dangerous love

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This is a palace where one wrong move can determine if you live or die. In the quest for her family to survive, Aramade found herself in this dangerous territory only to be noticed by the second prince. He's the only prince loathed by everyone. Clothed in Arrogance. People say his one naira can't be given out without anything in return. He can't be offended. All workers were not just scared of him but marveled at his personality. People were out to destroy him, and this only brought Aramade into more danger the moment they knew he has his eyes on her. ••••She shouldn't have let herself mixed up with him. Now she has to deal with what comes into her life. Who fell for this Dangerous love knowing it wouldn't be roxy? Who allowed this Dangerous love knowing it would become a weakness?...

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My days at crown school

my days at crown school

487 reads

All the way from Abuja, they say Crown School is the best secondary (high) school in Lagos State, Nigeria. Meet Suzy, the girl who won a scholarship and found herself attending the best school ever in Lagos. Little did she know she had a secret admirer and friends she never expected to have met.  If you are looking for a book that will make your time worthwhile, give you goosebumps, make you smile, laugh, cry and at the end wish these characters truly exist, then don't skip this book because you just found that book. Please enjoy....

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The two hours journey

the two hours journey

16 reads

The two hours journey is a hell of laughter... Typical description of Lagos Danfo conductors can be a pain in the ass! You don't want to miss out this experience. One of the best hilarious books you can ever lay your hands on. Worth the money. This book will kill your boredom ...

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Invest the cash

invest the cash

38 reads

Enough of crying over money! What is stopping you from starting that business with the little capital you want? "Well, the thing is, I don't like business. Writer you know what, I can't do business." Then I guess you don't need instant money while in school. May be how I started a popcorn business will change your mind. Very descriptive, and straight forward. Don't scroll without getting this book....

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