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Oblivion #campuschallenge

oblivion #campuschallenge

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Name :Zainab kabir Talata Level :500 Faculty /department :law School :Nasarawa State University,keffi. Word count : 3,060. "Tomorrow you’ll wake up, and you’ll hear about me and what I did to myself. A part of me wants you to feel broken, to realize that you should have stayed, or maybe looked at my face one more time or at least hear my voice, but the other part of me can’t bear the thought of you being unhappy for a single moment. It will pass, the world will forget me, and they’ll be no pain or hate left. I’ll be selfish and ask one more thing from you; don’t forget me, and don’t hate me when you remember me. "...

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A Lagos Love Story

a lagos love story

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A Lagos Love Story tells a stirring tale about Lagos, jungle justice, homelessness and the art of risk taking through its main characters Hilal and Salim. These two, though living in different worlds, and walking different paths, meet and connect in the most amazing way and change each other’s life completely, forever....

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