baby steps
By Dr Betty Nnadi

About this book

"When I worked for Dr. Betty in Lagos, Nigeria, nearly 30 years ago, she was all about taking giant steps. To read her now passionately prescribing baby steps for all-round success is inspiringly and infectiously remarkable." - Rev. C. Paschal Eze, Westland housing commissioner, DRMM Vice President and PuLSE Institute Board Chair USA About the Book After spending more than 15 years growing through the ranks of the finance sector in Nigeria, Dr. Betty Nnadi had to relocate to England to attend to family issues and start life almost afresh. In Baby Steps, she leverages on this, many years of experience as a human, woman, mother and a successful personality across different fields of engagements. She emphasizes the importance of taking life one step at a time, and seeing different stages of life as part of a bigger picture. As one who grew patiently in life and career, she encourages the readers to not write themselves off as they go through the various aspects of life in baby steps. Against the fast pace of things in the world today, Dr. Betty Nnadi offers an alternative route to fulfilment that may seem slow, but is steady, gradual and sure. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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