her eyes tell our stories
By Omotayo Sangofadeji

About this book

Omotayo's debut is a collection of long scheme stories in which through stellar storytelling, she unravels complicated realities and prompts the reader to confront the uncomfortable truths that exists in relationships between lovers, friends and family. The title story, ‘Her Eyes Tell Our Stories’ narrates the troubling dilemma of six women as they navigate through life circumstances. Anxious to have a child of their own, Deolu and Yosola in the story ‘No Extras’ experience the fragility of love and loyalty. In ‘The Mistress’, Toun assesses her choices as ‘the other woman’ and considers that progressing to the role of a wife might be the ultimate goal. ‘With Love, Zoey’ details a chance meeting between two old friends and rivals. Through their reminiscing, they confront their worst fears and the betrayal that makes their encounter an uncomfortable one. The lead character of ‘In Life and Death’, is a young lady devastated with grief about the death of the most important person in her life. In her agony, she tells us about her past, the present and how her grief will impact her future. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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