midnight dance
By TM David-West

Midnight Dance

Having lost her mother four years ago, and recently lost her job, Prue considered leaving Calabar to join her Aunt Lillian in Lagos her only choice. But when she discovers that her aunt too had passed, without her very reticent and disapproving grandfather telling her, she is confused which way to go. And that confusion multiplied when her grandfather accused her of theft and ran her out of his home. *** Clarence Abang considered old man Aaron Rawlings flagrantly ruthless, self-righteously judgmental and downright insufferable and only dealt with him in matters of business. But it became personal he had to take his granddaughter into his home and then it became even more personal when his on-and-off girlfriend, Bibi, didn’t like the arrangement at all. *** MIDNIGHT DANCE: a contemporary romance novella about a woman finding love, family and a home.

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