the church girl - dying to self
By Ufuomaee

About this book

Book One of The Church Girl Saga. Not your usual 'Boy meets Girl' love story. Mary is a no-nonsense Church girl, and Ifeanyi is a spoilt, rich, bad boy. An unlikely pair to fall in love...and to stay in love, even after Ifeanyi discovers her dirty little secret! But Ifeanyi will soon realise that playing games can be costly, when he finally decides to settle for one woman, and his past comes knocking! The Church Girl is a story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way. Mary and Ifeanyi must learn that in order to live, they must first die to self, as their love and faith is tested through many trials and temptations. Follow this roller-coaster ride about a love that overcomes all, that will grow your faith, or lead you to the One who holds the keys of Life. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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