there is a lunatic in every town
By Bash S. Amuneni

About this book

When the audience hears the poet say: ‘But dreams do not care from whose quilt they are borne'. It is poetic truth of a profound kind they hear. This collection has the earthy feel of real experience and yet the thrust and heft of creative imagination. - Tade Ipadeola, multiple award winning author of The Sahara Testaments and Winner of The NLNG Prize for Literature 2013 Amuneni takes us through tortuous spaces in beautiful language nuanced in gestural intensity wherein the beat of succinct words, destinies and destinations find purpose on the page. ...for his lucidity of perception, tapestried locutions, deftness at painting word hybrid of riddles and insights, we should be most grateful. - Shittu Fowora, award winning writer, editor and critic. I first encountered Amuneni at an Abuja Literary Society (ALS) meeting. It was also my pleasure to host him on the first five editions of the Night of the Spoken Word (NSW) Poetry Show. He has since gone on to make significant contributions to the spoken word poetry scene in Abuja. There is a Lunatic in Every Town is Amuneni translating his prowess as a spoken word poet to the published book. This transition – from stage to page – is always a difficult one, but Amuneni accomplishes it in this collection. From metaphorical sketches of Nigerian cities and socio-political conditions, to the inevitable engagement with love, There is a Lunatic in Every Town tells an all too human story in Amuneni’s unmistakable voice. - Dike Chukwumerije, multiple award winning author, poet and ace performance poet. Bash Amuneni explores compelling themes in a voice that draws you in. It's art to the ear and the eye. - Efe Paul Azino, ace performance poet and author of For broken men that cross often. Bash Amuneni picks words from within and paints pictures to touch those who would listen. This is one crazy poet talking to the lunatic in all of us; would we listen? - Su’eddie Vershima Agema, multiple award winning poet and winner of the ANA Prize for Poetry, 2014 Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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