unwritten rules for guaranteed academic success
By Abolaji Adewale Obileye

About this book

Gaining admission into a higher institution of learning is usually one of the major dreams of teenagers. They can hardly wait to leave secondary school, so they can start being independent and live life on their own terms. But the reality usually hits home when they get into school and find that it's a whole new world entirely. The situations they start to face, the courses they have to study, the people they have to deal with, and the responsibilities they have to take up, in addition to the cluelessness they feel, all contribute to the confusion they begin to experience. This confusion, which sometimes grows into a fear of the school system and dislike for learning, are at the core of this remarkable and inspiring book. In it, the author of The Brutal Agent, Abolaji Obileye has shared secrets that will help undergraduate students fully understand the way the higher institution system works, as well as strategies that can guide them to make the most of their time there. He has laid out steps that are simple and easy to follow, and which will help undergraduate students achieve academic success. Flip the pages to find out what they are. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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