valentine's 2020
By Tomilola Coco Adeyemo

About this book

[Book #3 Rich Kids of Lagos series] Less than six months ago, I discovered through the most shocking means that I fathered a child with my first love and the only woman I have ever truly loved, 20 years ago. Of course, as a responsible adult, I swung in and did the right thing. But the right thing also includes getting married, giving my daughter Nimi a home she would be proud of and setting the right examples at 40. I have chosen a candidate for that. But my plans are again foiled by Lola Sodipo, the one woman who broke my heart and shattered it to pieces in the year 2000. The woman who is the reason I have become the person that I am today - someone who doesn’t give a hoot about love and all the shenanigans associated with it. However, Lola gets in my head again and while I fight her off, I realize she isn’t the only distraction that has entered my life. But only when I decide to face my demons by revisiting the past and getting in touch with the man that I once was will I be able to conquer the major enemy trying to rip my family, my legacy and my heart into tiny shreds. But how far is too far? Will I lose the woman I love to the darkness in me that I can’t control? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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