you can. the linda ikeji experience
By Coker o .Samuel

About this book

The book presents to you the life of Linda Ifeoma Ikeji as the focus. Important aspects of her personality in her road to wealth and influence will be revealed to you. I shall guide you through on the obstacles she encountered and some critical lessons that can be derived from her life’s mission and how she managed to overcome them. You shall be made to know how she did it what she did and how you can also do your own or greater things in your chosen career or calling. You shall therefore not just be given fish to eat, you shall learn how to fish yourself. On the other hand, this book will not dwell on blogging as the only option to wealth and influence. You shall be exposed to timeless principles to greatness. The book rather would teach you simple things on how to transform your passion, ability and latent talent into reality and success. It shall inspire you to believe in yourself and that vision that has been lingering in your consciousness. It shall expose to you various pitfalls that make men and women surrender their dream for the sake of being humans and not God. This book includes simple exercises and mode of thinking that will invariably change your life’s perspectives and therefore make you more daring, domineering and a go-getter in your chosen endeavour. It will show you why competition may not be your best option especially when you are starting up a new venture. It will teach you the power of the mind over your circumstances and how it has been used by men and women of power in history to overcome their demanding and discouraging circumstances. You will also learn the power of will-power and how to use them at the right time. You will realize where your calling and the power to realize them lie. You will also learn how that your chosen career can give you financial reward and a possibility of shooting you into limelight nationally or internationally. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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