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college feelings

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Looking back to College memories, had always been a thing of remarkable experiences; emotions, difficulties, lessons, discipline, suffering, etc. Kemi and Femi grew up in the same compound, though not related, yet many considered them siblings. The friendship bond between the duo took root in their tender hearts. Not until the college’s accident that tends to claim Kemi’s life; a consequence of Femi’s action. Femi Williams set sails for England to study. While Kemi’s parents decided to take her back to Gabon, she objected to school in Nigeria, on oath of waiting for Femi. Can kemi survive the siege of her heart by the army of lovers and lectures lusting after her because of her breathtaking beauty? What about her promise? What about Femi Williams-the lost sheep? What about Jessisca-Kemi’s friend who literally lived by the saying that ‘Give what it takes to get what you want,’ for her to be lawyer? What is the end of these teenage lovers? Find out in COLLEGE FEELINGS- a narrative fiction, full of emotional curiosity. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK. For contribution/opinion, kindly email the author:ademibayojulius@gmail.com Instagram: @_adebayojulius...

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